About - Joye Carter MDDr. Joye Carter is a board certified forensic pathologist and the first African-American to be appointed a Chief Medical Examiner in the history of the United States.

Dr. Carter has worked as the deputy Chief Medical Examiner of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner Department, Chief Medical Examiner of the District of Columbia, and Chief Medical Examiner of Harris County (Houston), Texas. Now she adds another first as the first African-American and female to be appointed as the Chief Forensic Pathologist to the Coroner of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dr. Carter started Biblical Dogs Inc. in 2002 as a publishing and consulting firm. She has traveled all over the world to help those in need. Her company motto is “Ethical solutions for today’s forensic problems.”

Dr. Carter self published her first book as a mentoring tool and autobiography titled, My Strength Comes from Within. The book is a must have for anyone facing self doubt about any career choice and has been used as a text for developing self esteem in young people.

Her second book is titled I Speak for the Dead and is used as a great source of information for those experiencing grief and dealing with the ethical consideration of death and dying.For Dr. Carter, spirituality and death investigation go hand and hand.

For even greater inspiration, Dr. Carter writes about life’s daily issues in her column, “For Goodness Sakes!”