“For Goodness Sake !” Articles

“For Goodness Sake !” Articles

Have you ever wanted someone to say what you cannot put into words? In her column, “For Goodness Sakes!”,          Dr. Joye Carter discusses the things we all think about but often make no comment on in public. In her words, “Information is meant to be shared.” Anything that has to do with the whole health of the person-physical, emotional, and mental-is a topic that can be dealt with in “For Goodness Sakes!”

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          July 2017

Another July 4th has arrived and I am not feeling it again. I have never been much of a holiday person. As a child I read about Independence Day and knew the original signers of the Declaration of Independence did not mean this to apply to people of African descent. We were not considered whole human beings and many of the signatories owned slaves as did George Washington.

I stand in a mode of conflictive thought. I am an American citizen , who is Black and a composite of Red, White and Black people. I am a retired USAF officer who proudly served her country. I am an experienced board certified forensic pathologist who remains neutral in all Death Investigation work and expert testimony. All the while I am instantly judged on the color of my skin whether I am a television show guest or driver of my personal vehicle. I am Red, White,and Black and often Blue due to living in America.

In today’s hostile climate I fear for the childhood of my grandson and his peers. What will the future hold in America for them ? As we are distracted by foolish Twitter comments, it seems that our civil rights are being stripped away daily and being replaced with base hatred, simply because my appearance is different from yours.

As the country celebrates its independence it forgets the cruel treatment of its native people. I spent two years working for indigent people in Oklahoma, which largely dealt with Native Americans  or as I like to say, First People of this country. The only difference between their ongoing horrors and that of many Black Americans is the lack of media interest and total government control over the lives of most First People. Out of sight and out of mind does not really work when your country send out embargo orders over violation of civil rights in “foreign” lands. Yet, right here in America we have people living in deplorable conditions whose land was stolen and people killed in the name of capitalism.

I am troubled by how this country’s history has been framed to hide the many sins thrust upon its people in the name of progression. The funny thing is that now many White Americans have the audacity to say that American began as a White country! This goes to show why our educational programs lag behind the rest of the world. Not many White people know or will admit that the people who originally immigrated to the North American continent were not exactly upstanding citizens in their native homelands. Thieves, rapists, diseased, uneducated  and disrespectful folk were sent here to be rid of them from European nations. The hunt was for natural resources from the land. This exploration was not unlike the division  and exploitation of the continent of Africa.

Despite the history of the USA , my travels and education made me relish living in a country where citizens could possess a negative view of controlling political factions and still live. But that appears to be changing now. What will the future hold for this country and its citizens? Am I reflecting on certain freedoms whose expiration date is rapidly approaching?

As violence and substance abuse continues to be an industrial form of capitalism will our society look beyond private prisons and psyche of its people? Will outright race riots become the law of the land? Will road rage  and deaths in custody be overlooked by some and not others? Will children be starved after birth and prevented from obtaining an equal education and chance at the “American dream”? Will the children of low income earning citizens be sent to work in the coal mines and to the front of the military units so that the more wealthy can maintain their lifestyles ?

Will America admit its checked past and try to do better? Instead of another July 4th, I reflect of 9/11 and the brief moment when America held hands across the country and stood together as one. It was all too brief. Please don’t make tragedy the only reason we unite as One Nation under God…

I remain Red,White,and Black and a little Blue                                                                                                                                                                                      





See you next time.

Joye M. Carter, MD