About Joye M. Carter MD International Enterprises, LLC.

Dr. Carter has always enjoyed traveling as well as teaching others about her medical specialty.  She regularly mentors students across the globe and has added an international teaching component to her repertoire.  In 2016, she formed a new company named Joye M. Carter,MD International Enterprises, LLC as part of her commitment to enlarge the number of properly trained forensic pathologists in many of the African and Caribbean nations.  Future plans include the use of robotics for distance for learning and to interact with students, healthcare providers and legal advisors around the globe.


Why Choose Us


  • Board Certified Forensic Pathologists
  • Members of N.A.M.E (National Association of Medical Examiners)
  • Forensically Trained Staff
  • Proficient to perform Extensive Dissection when necessary (Jaw extraction for Positive ID, Bullets removal in difficult regions i.e. Spinal, Jaws and inside bones without altering evidence that can be caused by various tools)
    (Autopsy Saws, Metal forceps etc,)
  • Licensed Embalmer
    ( Assist with maintaining the integrity of the body by Raising the carotid arteries which is necessary for Embalming purposes).